Projects - An FM Synth Patch Database is an online database of patches for FM synthesizers (mostly the Yamaha DX7). It supports MIDI out for configuring attached synths as well as live in-browser playback through WebAudio. - Metroid Password Tool

I couldn't find any online password generators for the original Metroid, so I made one in React.js. Source code available on GitHub.

Orbital Objects

A quick hack of Google's WebGL Globe, combined with data about satellites and space debris. Requires a WebGL-compatible browser; only tested in Google Chrome. Click here if you want more information about how I built it.

Crossfiltering Webpass Ping Logs

Playing around with D3, Crossfilter, and Internet reachability data.

CSE Arcade Machine

When I was in graduate school, my friend Kevin and I (truthfully, mostly Kevin) built an arcade machine for the student lounge.